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Alberta Equine Performance Chiropractic

Dr. Jones runs a busy family practice in Lacombe and has expanded his practice to encompass animal chiropractic. Trained through the AMERICAN VETERINARY CHIROPRACTIC ASSOCIATION (AVCA) in Dallas Texas, Dr, Jones focuses on performance horses. Keeping them biomechanically sound and neurologically healthy is the key for optimal performance. Dr Jones works in consultation and coordination with many veterinarians in the central Alberta and Calgary area.

Dr. Jones' purpose in life is to not only deliver superior chiropractic care to both his human and animal clients but also to coach and educate people about the benefits of chiropractic care and to assist those who are looking for direction in living a balanced lifestyle.

Cost $100/treatment (equine) $50/treatment (Dog)

Discounts for multiple animals treated at site.

Call Dr. Jones' cell for an appointment: 403-506-4091